Silicone Cupping Complete 14-Cup Set with Mini Facial Cups


Silicone Cupping Sets Details:

  • Includes 4 facial cups for small areas or facial treatments, 4 mini facial cups for around eyes and nose, 2 Large cups for broad body areas, and 4 regular cups for all-around use.
  • Suction pressure controlled by squeezing.
  • Effective, inexpensive, and simple to use.
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Product Description

Cupping Therapy, or Massage Suction Cupping, is a practice with ancient roots. In all forms of Cupping Therapy, a vacuum is created, be it through a modern pump, or traditional combustion. When the vacuum in the cup is applied to the skin, it sucks the soft tissue with negative pressure, for a powerful and stimulating massage-like sensation. The suction works to relax stiff muscles and tissue, and for overall promotion of well-being. Pliable, nearly indestructible silicone cups yield to your fingers and apply with ease.

Silicone Cupping Sets feature:

  • Variety of shapes & sizes for face or body
  • Control the cups by squeezing.
  • Travel-friendly & compact.
  • Electro Silicone cups can connect with a TENS device.
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