Upcoming Training :

Upcoming Cupping Therapy workshop by renowned lecturer Dr.B.Nadeem on 26th June & 27th June, 2021 at Ahmedabad. For details contact Rizwan Mansuri:09824340033 , Upcoming Cupping Therapy workshop by renowned lecturer Dr. B.Nadeem 4th July & 5th July,2021 at Bangalore. For details contact Shaista:09008983366


herbalAbout Herbal cupping

Herbal cupping is employed when stiffness and aching occurs, usually in the neck and shoulders (common cold, asthma and cough), caused by external factors such as Cold, Damp and Wind attacking the body. This method requires bamboo cups, a deep pan, water, metal clamps, fire and herbs in a prescription from a traditional medicine practitioner. The herbs and bamboo cups are immersed in with water in a deep pan, boiled, then simmered for 30 minutes before applying.

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