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Upcoming Cupping Therapy workshop by renowned lecturer B.Nadeem on 21st September & 22nd September,2019 at Ahmedabad. For details contact Rizwan Mansuri:09824340033 , Upcoming Cupping Therapy workshop by renowned lecturer B.Nadeem on 14th September & 15th September,2019 at Bangalore. For details contact Shaista:09008983366



I have been making slow progress on the scar, but when I used the magnets it softened much more rapidly… magnet cupping will cut the time dramatically.

- D. Brunson

Mentally I was more alert, focused, and positive. Physically I was so energized that I wanted to start gardening, cooking, knitting, and other projects I’d been procrastinating over.

- Carolyn Termini

How profound is it to adapt an ancient modality to fit into the scope of massage practice? Loved the workshop.s

-Jackie Wayda

Thank you so much for the technique.  It is exactly what I needed to take this to the next level

- Debra Clydesdale

I am amazed at the profound effect of the Cupping treatment and how quick the results occurred. I wasn’t expecting as much of an emotional release of “crud”, but my channels were opened and negative energy released.

- Beatrice Frankovich

I am a fan of massage in general, and receive massage by various practitioners, as I travel often. Over the past few months, my local therapist, began incorporating Cupping into my sessions. Moving the cups and utilizing negative pressure is it’s own modality of massage. The benefits I’ve experienced include increased relaxation and the effectiveness in decreasing soreness and pain from tough areas is exemplary. I now enjoy the utilization of the cups in my local sessions as they are positively significant to the results of each massage treatment.

- Edward Goodridge

At my massage appointments, my therapist has been using Massage Cupping techniques that have been very beneficial to my physical and mental health. Having Fibromyalgia and muscle adhesions are painful are not helped with just hot and cold packs alone. The Massage Cupping used on me releases my stuck muscles and allows circulation, it has ultimately helped in preventing chronic muscle pain and spasms.

- Kathleen A. Baker

I am an active person who has a gymnastic background. I have had few massages throughout my life and I am new to massage cupping.
It’s always common for me to have a few places on my back that are tight or a bit sore. After my first MC treatment I was amazed at how much tightness was relieved. What I like most about MC is that it was able to get in deep and relieve my tension for good. After just a few sessions I could not believe that I had no sore spots. This is usual for me. As with any new type of treatments I may have been skeptical but after receiving the treatments and understanding it I am surprised that this modality it not more common. I would recommend it to anyone. With a trained practitioner of course.

- Lisa olsion Realtor

I feel that without my therapists’ use of the cupping tools during my massage, the release of my painful stuck calf muscles and the deeper massage I’m getting and need would not be possible. Massage Cupping saves time and energy, and it resolves my pain quickly.

- Shelly Summers

I wanted to provide feedback on a new cupping technique I experienced. When I cfirst tried it I was feeling sore, tense and stressed out and Cupping was very helpful. I enjoy it and continue the treatment in other visits. The massage cupping has a cleansing effect and has purged toxin out of my body. Thank you for this wonderful treatment you provide.

- Victoria Yeager

I have been treated with negative pressure massage for the past 3 months. This type of therapy has offered me freedom from pain that I experienced in my upper shoulders and neck areas. The relief has been significant, and I can only discern that the “knots” in my shoulders have been alleviated due to the effective cupping massage performed. I am grateful for this therapy and encourage it’s continued work.

- Sandy Gotts

I have had the pleasure of being ‘Cupped’, by my therapist. She didn’t start using this treatment until the last few months, but when she did, I was amazed at the results! I had very tender spots on my arms, from the tops to the inner parts of my elbows that she had been working on with variuos techniques from rotating hot and cold compresses, deep tissue work etc., and when she started the cupping treatments, the areas softened and the pain was alleviated completely within a few treatments. She cups my back and and the tension seems to float away leaving me surrounded by warmth and relaxation.

- Kelly D Baker

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